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My dream of mobile banking has turned into a nightmare

I was an earlier adopter of mobile banking, which is no surprise as I was the head of product at Monitise when we launched the UK’s first mobile banking apps in 2006. Back then I used to tell sceptics how … Continue reading

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We need to talk about ‘mobile first’

Every time I hear the words ‘mobile first’ it makes me shudder just a little – when we should be thinking about how connecting people will transform future business, ‘mobile first’ feels technology centric and rather short-term. Today ‘mobile’ still makes … Continue reading

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Don’t ignore a ‘faster horse’

Henry Ford is often quoted* as saying “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted they’d have said a faster horse”. in product management this is often used as an example of customers not knowing what they want, when actually … Continue reading

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Don’t misunderstand Minimum Viable Product

I’m starting to think that Minimum Viable Product is the most misunderstood term in product management today. To be fair the name is rather misleading because it’s not really a ‘shippable’ product at all. Rather MVP is a strategy for … Continue reading

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Are you looking at features when you should be thinking benefits?

Whether a product is digital, physical or even a service the features are the ‘buttons’ and ‘knobs’ that do stuff, while benefits are the advantages or rewards we get for pushing and twirling.  Like a rat in a laboratory experiment, if button … Continue reading

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